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Eataly is the largest Italian marketplace in the world. Inside their stores they have groceries, several different restaurants, quick food counters, a coffee shop, and a cooking school. They sell quality ingredients, food, and they curate an Italian immersion experience. On my flight this morning, I found a great photo I took at their Chicago store last fall of their customer service policy posted prominently in their store. It states simply:

1.       The customer is not always right

2.       Eataly is not always right

3.       Through our differences we create harmony

I love the simplicity of this. Acknowledge that both groups are fallible. Imply that together we can each give a little to create harmony. Harmony evokes the blending cords that establishes great music. Harmony is not black and white and it does not declare a winner or a loser. Harmony is a directive to the customer and to Eataly to create a solution that works well for everyone. Harmony preserves the relationship. But more, it challenges both to better the other.

In customer service, the relationship is the most important part of the transaction. Relationships are maintained through harmony and in the best sense, each side of the relationship is strengthened.

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