Based in Washington, Ross is a general manager of a food safety company. His musings explore life, work and every moment in between.

We're all in sales.

I am looking forward to our sales meeting this week. For us, like many companies, the majority of our customer acquisition phase begins with a touch from our sales team. These folks are responsible for understanding the customer’s needs and identifying the best ways for us to meet those needs. Our sales team are brand warriors, responsible for not just displaying the brand in the ways of the uniform, the logo, or the vehicle, but also responsible for living the brand, the social norms and the values of the organization. Our sales training, S.T.A.R.S., emphasizes our viewpoint that sales is not something that is done to you, but a mutual exchange of value. This means our customer’s value must be equal to our own. Much of Sprague’s value lies in our relationship with our customers. When this relationship is at its best we become partners, and our ability over the long term to create this partnership and retain their business is setup by those early touches and impressions from or sales team.  

This week we will focus on our sales calibration and the future of our business and industry to prepare our team for those important early conversations that lead to the important long term partnerships. And really, we are all in sales. Every day at home and at work we spread our ideas, our values, and our own brands. We strive to create mutual value and long term relationships much like our sales team does with the hope that the other person’s value will equal that of our own.

How do you define a good leader?

Leadership because its the right thing to do.