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Great teams overcome adversity

Great teams overcome adversity. When the Seahawks play tonight, they will be without two consistent, great players; Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor. The Seahawks have played the last 92 games with these two and tonight that streak ends. This consistency has been a big part of the team’s success. In the NFL as in life, people get hurt, people retire and people move on to other things. It is the team that has to pick up and move forward without the once reliable parts. Great teams overcome this kind of adversity every day.

In this sense the entirety of the team is made up of more than just its players. It’s much more than that. The balance of stardom is constantly shifting. Each member has a role to play and when one falters, the others are easily able to pick up the resulting slack knowing the burden will not be unbearable. They trust in each other to play their roles as best as they are able.

Tonight the burden has shifted to the others and I suspect we will see this balancing act in motion. Go Hawks.

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