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Dry Cleaned PJ's

I dry cleaned my pajamas. Not on purpose you see - but when I picked up the dry cleaning, hanging neatly on the hanger were a pair of checkered pajama pants for everyone to see. Embarrassing. 

Sloan loves to collect things from around the house and drop them into different baskets and bags. Need something thrown away? She'll deposit it in the trash. Have clothes on the ground? Into the hamper they go. Sloan had added them to the bag.

In my haste last week, I grabbed the laundry bag and dropped it off at the dry cleaners without a second thought. I was in a hurry, did not wait for them to count out the items and give me a receipt. In my haste I disregarded the quality control of both parties. In my haste I spent more money ($5.50). In my haste I embarrassed myself. 

This happens to me at home, at work, or even the dry cleaners. Small mistakes like this add up. When my to do list gets in the way of getting things done correctly I fail to live up to my own standards. Accomplishing goals makes me feel good - accomplishing them correctly makes me feel much better. 

But come to think of it, crisp, clean, and sharp pajamas made me feel pretty good too.

I'm going to slow down this week. 

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