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8 Types of Innovation

From Tom Fishburne, there are 8 types of innovation:

  1. Incremental
  2. Extension
  3. Copy Cat
  4. Watered Down
  5. Fad
  6. Overanalyzed
  7. Complicated
  8. Breakthrough

There is a tendency to look at ideas that are not breakthrough as bad. Yet at times, Sprague has resembled each of these eight. The key is to look at the market for timing and to have strong velocity of decision making. Realistically, great organizations make decisions with 70% of the information necessary. If we wait for 90%, we are falling into the overanalyzed category. Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) says organizations should use the phrase “disagree and commit.” He elaborates to say that “this phrase will save a lot of time. If you have conviction on a particular direction even though there’s no consensus, it’s helpful to say, “Look, I know we disagree on this but will you gamble with me on it? Disagree and commit?” By the time you’re at this point, no one can know the answer for sure, and you’ll probably get a quick yes.”

I like this tool for decision making. Looking forward to trying it out this week.

Focus on the great stuff.

A willingness to look stupid.