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Grandma Vena's 90th Birthday

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Greetings from Birmingham, Alabama. Yesterday Laura, Sloan, Donna* & I traveled to Shelby, AL to visit Sloan’s Great Grandma Vena for her 90th birthday. 4000 miles by air, 500+ miles by road, 3 nights in 3 different hotels, 90 degree weather, 90% humidity and a two hour time change all make a recipe for disaster. Yet the trip has gone incredibly well.

Before we left, Laura and I were going through the ways this trip could go terribly wrong. We were filled with stress for the unknown and tried to planned for every circumstance. And we know this; you just cannot plan for everything. But, we can plan to adapt. Gone are the days of overpacked agendas, instead we have loose timelines around leisurely structured events. Gone are the smallest rental cars and instead we have seating for seven. Gone are late nights on the town and instead we went to a grocery store after dark – on all three nights.

I like this change and the exploration of a new normal. Each time we are able to complete a vacation like this and maintain our optimism, I feel even more confident in our ability to plan the next trip. And of course, adapt along the way.

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