Based in Washington, Ross is a general manager of a food safety company. His musings explore life, work and every moment in between.

You Couldn't be Bothered

You Couldn't be Bothered

I stress out about writing this every week. As the weekend draws to a close I worry about what I might say or what I might share with you. When I first started writing this in February of 2015 I was sure I’d never run out of ideas or concepts to share. Along the way this evolved into more for me. A way for me to share what is really on my mind and a way for me to share things I think are important. There have been deep musings and spiritual musings. There have been lame and boring musings. And along the way each week made me a little better and a sometimes a little uncomfortable.

Each week I am overwhelmed by how many of you have replied to me and kept the conversation going through my email. I treasure your responses. Thank you for keeping me going.

This week a cartoon in the New Yorker from 1998 shared on Instagram stood out to me. The scene is a guy kneeling at his bedside with his hands pressed together and eyes towards the ceiling praying. The caption is, “I asked You, in the nicest possible way, to make me a better person, but apparently You couldn’t be bothered.”

I love this comic for its simple truth. Often we expect others to help us do what we have in our own ability to accomplish. We ask for needless assistance. And yet nothing that was ever worth doing – that we ever felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment - was easy.

In a lot of ways I asked you through my musings to make me a better person and you went out of your way to encourage me to continue. Thank you.

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