Based in Washington, Ross is a general manager of a food safety company. His musings explore life, work and every moment in between.

20 years ago

20 years ago, my journey began

The story stars me and not Jackie Chan,

My first job at Sprague, was gopher for Gregg,

I was treated like a Faberge egg.


Do very little and stay out of the way,

Was fine with me I was here for the pay.

Three years later in Spokane

My career was launched, full time began.


The job was hard, the hours were long,

My college answers were increasingly wrong,

A reset was needed, I finished school

And on to sales where rejection is cruel.


A year later with a bit of luck

The Seattle office ran amuck.

Appointed was I to manage the team

It was up to me to develop the scheme.


24 and sure that I knew what to do

I was the man to see it through.

Rebuild from scratch is what I planned

So much stress for my team to withstand.


Along the way I learned from mistakes

Thinking of it now still gives me the shakes.

Emotions and problems are temporary

At the time they made me increasingly weary.


Denver was next, a last minute move

Everyone knew I had something to prove.

Mistakes came fast, so far from home

Learning Colorado with a fine tooth comb.


Home at last, I’m happy to be

Living the life that’s right for me.

20 years ago, the journey began

So many things I’ve learned in this span.


Support is the key along the way

So many people helped me each day.

For each of you, who guided me

I’ll always be your humble trainee.


PS: I’ve been reading A LOT of rhyming books to Sloan recently – hence the free form.

Being our best selves for others

Being our best selves for others

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