Based in Washington, Ross is a general manager of a food safety company. His musings explore life, work and every moment in between.


What is bored anymore? Every moment of the day has been made less boring by technology. Don’t like making dinner? Put the TV on while making it. Don’t like waiting in line? There’s always my phone. Long flights? There’s inflight Wi-Fi and countless movies I’ll never get to watch waiting for me on my devices. I have replaced bored with distracted. Judging by the line at the supermarket, I might not be the only one.

Distracted is the cure for bored. When my daughter is upset, I can distract her with something else to cure her ails. I am no different. When I am bored I can check my phone for something to fix this. Whatever I need is waiting for me. Sports? I’ve got that. Cuteness? Kids or pets on the internet can solve that for me. Righteousness? The news (and our Facebook feeds) have that covered. Need to escape? TV/Netflix/etc. There is a cure for boredom in every direction.

Distraction is also the opposite of concentration. In boredom we allow the mind to work on its own issues. Boredom allows our mind to race in any direction similarly to when we are asleep. In boredom day dreaming occurs. Boredom invokes the imagination. From boredom comes inspiration and from inspiration come the very ideas we need to solve the problems we face every day.

I am trying every day to embrace boredom. To take a minute to breath. To login less. From these moments I’m finding a few more ideas, a few more moments of inspiration, and above all I’m finding I feel a bit more satisfied with me.

Hedonic Bias

Boaty McBoatface

Boaty McBoatface