Based in Washington, Ross is a general manager of a food safety company. His musings explore life, work and every moment in between.

Pixar Icebreaker & Future Excercise

The Pixar Story format:

Once upon a time there was________.

Every day, __________.

One day, ________.

Because of that ________.

Because of that ________.

Until Finally, _______.

The above is my favorite icebreaker. When introducing a diverse group who might not know each other very well, I use it to ask folks to tell their story.

It is also my favorite way to brainstorm the future. When I am stuck on how something might cause change in the future, use “once upon a time” and “every day” as the present and I use “one day” as the proposed change. From here I am able to begin the process of imagine how the future would look under that proposed change.

Try it and let me know how it goes.

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