Based in Washington, Ross is a general manager of a food safety company. His musings explore life, work and every moment in between.

100 minus your age

Once in a while I start reading a book that I don’t want to finish. It doesn’t capture my imagination, it doesn’t resonate with me personally, or perhaps the subject is forgettable.

I typically finish these books anyway. I suck it up and get through it because I finish what I start. And, I’ve never known where to call it quits.

To the rescue is Nancy Pearl from the Seattle Public Library. Don’t like a book? Read the first 100 pages minus your age. I’m 37. I have to read 63 pages before I’m allowed to quit. I feel empowered to start more books and see where they take me. I also feel lighter and less burdened by the process. Knowing where to quit is part of the solution to reading more.

Each year I get older I am allowed by this rule to pull the rip cord early and move on. And as she says, when you’re 100, you’re officially allowed to judge a book by its cover.

The Score Takes Care of itself

The Score Takes Care of itself

Complaints Have No Magic.