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Rainier to Ruston 2019

53.5 miles. That’s the distance the six of us combined to run on Saturday. Sprague’s relay team “Buglife” started the race in Mount Rainier National Forrest and ran home to the Tacoma waterfront. Along the way we had to overcome a few things such as mud, sand, water, and heat. But also logistics of finding our way through backroads, small towns, cramping up, timing of when to eat, and increasingly worse smell of the car.

Along the way, I learned a few things:

  1. It’s fun to be on a team. The six of us are very different people with different interests. We’d probably not come together in an organic way without both Sprague and this relay race to bring us together. As we got to know each other, I began to have much more fun.

  2. We go further and get through harder things on a team. If I was doing this alone I’d have quit. My second leg of the race was six miles in the afternoon heat. I did everything I could to get my body to be ready and yet when I was out there all by myself, the temptation to walk or to stop or to quit was huge. If I was not in a race, if I was not with a team, I probably would have stopped in the shade, revaluated my life, and called an Uber. I didn’t do that. I gutted it out because my team was counting on me. I gutted it out because they did. I gutted it out because I was on the team.

  3. Support is essential. We needed each other. We had each other’s backs and much of this stemmed from the fact that other people had ours. The support team consisted of Matt, Andy, Taylor, Tyler, Michelle, Angela, Jane, Laura, Daisey, and countless others who contributed to our success. Thank you to each for how you gave us the time, energy, and motivation to complete the race.

  4. Branding & name recognition helps. Someone saw the Sprague car and said to Leila “Oh Sprague. You’ll have a Treleven on your team. You must be fast.” She busted out laughing. My mother (Jane Treleven), sister (Angela Treleven Persich), and cousin (Chloe Treleven) are all incredibly accomplished runners (google them). I’m not. By being surrounded by good runners with the same last name, the rest of us get the brand attributes. Branding helps.

  5. Branding did not run the race. We did. And we held up the Sprague brand proudly.

Thanks to everyone who supported us along the way. It’s fun to be part of a team.

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The Score Takes Care of itself

The Score Takes Care of itself