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2019 First Half Books to Read.

Six months into the year and we have reached midway. Here are my favorite books this year:

Destiny & Power by Jon Meacham

How good could a biography about a one term president be? Well, much better than I expected. In December when it was my turn to buy a book for book club, I settled on the biography of the recently passed away George H.W. Bush. I did not know I would like this book so much and find his life to be so interesting. A page turner. Highly recommend.

Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt, Johnathan Rosenberg & Alan Eagle

Former football coach turned Silicon Valley CEO Bill Campbell did not want any press when he was alive. He shunned the idea of his coaching secrets being valuable. Yet he was the personal coach of Steve Jobs (Apple), Eric Schmidt (Google), Jonathan Rosenberg (Google), and countless others. Having trouble being a good coach to someone? Start here.

Sales Management Simplified by Mike Weinberg

If you have been around sales for long, you’ll find that everyone has an opinion on how things should work. Weinberg’s first book called “New Sales Simplified” was a game changer as he explained the playbook for how to attack new business development. This book is having a similar impact on how I expect to help lead and shape our sales at Sprague. A must read.

Where’s the fiction? Good question. I did not read anything I loved enough to recommend in the last six months. With the intent of not getting too boring, I’ll try to make up for that the rest of the year.

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