Based in Washington, Ross is a general manager of a food safety company. His musings explore life, work and every moment in between.

Preparing for Winter.

I spent this past weekend with my wife at her parent’s home in Colorado. They live high up in the Rocky Mountains (9200 feet) and on the backside of a range called the Never Summer Mountains. The high temperature reached 80 degrees on Saturday and yet the ground just above the house had some frost on it overnight. We spent a bunch of time outside working on various projects with one singular goal in mind – get ready for winter. This caused me some serious reflection on our drive back to Denver last night. 80 degrees outside, 100 days until Thanksgiving, and yet we prepare for winter. In the Winter, you work hard and figure out where the weaknesses are so that you can prepare better during the summer. This reminds me a lot about Sprague.  

Each year, we spend the winter months getting ready for summer. We are a very much a seasonal business. In 2014, our strongest month (July) had 36% more revenue than our weakest month (February). Expanding the business for that extra work is significant and in most cases, we do not employee seasonal team members. This puts stress on the systems we have at Sprague. Its August, we have our heads down and we are focused, but we know where our opportunities lie. It is time to identify those systems that need fixing, replacing, or rebooting during the winter months and hatch a plan to make them better for next year. Let’s get ready for winter.

In the end, we all get ice cream.

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