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The Score Takes Care of itself

The Score Takes Care of itself

Bill Walsh was the legendary coach of the San Francisco 49ers. His book, The Score Takes Care of Itself focuses on his philosophy of doing the right things will lead you to winning. Here are 9 things from him to keep focused every day: 

Daily Reminders to Keep You On Track:

  1. Concentrate on what will produce results rather than on the results, the process rather than the prize.

  2. Exhibit an inner toughness emanating from four of the most effective survival tools a leader can possess: expertise, composure, patience, and common sense.

  3. Maintain your level of professional ethics and all details of your own standard of performance.

  4. Don’t isolate yourself. Keep in mind that as troubles mount, your relationships with personnel become even more critical. They are the key to holding the staff together.

  5. Don’t let the magnitude of the challenge take you away from the incremental steps necessary to effect change & continue to be detail oriented.

  6. Exude an upbeat and determined attitude. Never, ever express doubt, but avoid an inappropriate sunny optimism in dark times.

  7. Don’t plead with employees to “do better.”

  8. Avoid continual threatening or chastising.

  9. Deal with your immediate superior(s) on a one-to-one, ongoing basis.

I use these nine reminders most specifically when things go wrong. They have become a core reflection point. Focus on the process, stay calm, and work on the important things that I can influence.

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